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Introduction of Automatic X-ray Film Processor

Automatic X-ray Film Processor is used for processing X-ray Film, CT,MPI and other medical Film and special equipment for industrial flaw detection laboratories. The X-ray Film Processor is mainly composed of developing, fixing, rinsing and drying.
The film is first placed in the developing tank containing the developing solution for a certain time, and then placed in the fixing tank containing the fixing solution for a certain time, and then washed in the washing tank with water, and finally dried, the process of film washing is completed automatically.
Introduction of Automatic X ray Film Processor
There is a device between each process to remove the droplets of the previous process on the Film surface, so as to reduce the contamination of the solution of the next process.
The use of Newheek Automatic X-ray Film Processor greatly saves the manpower, material and financial resources of the unit and improves the working efficiency.
Our Automatic X-ray Film Processor can meet your different purchasing needs.

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