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Introduction of high voltage generator

The high-voltage generating device is divided into two parts in structure: console and control cabinet. The console mainly completes the human-computer interaction function, and the control cabinet mainly generates the high-voltage and filament current required by the X-ray bulb.
Introduction of high voltage generator
Advantages of high voltage generator include:
1. Using high-frequency power supply, the output X-ray has the advantages of stable waveform, low dose for patients, short exposure time, high precision and good repeatability, etc. The overall structure is light and beautiful, easy to use and operate.
2, the use of microprocessor control, greatly improved the repeatability of exposure and operational efficiency;Provides a variety of self – diagnostic procedures to make equipment easy maintenance.
3, can meet the needs of photography and perspective.With the television system supporting can carry on the perspective automatic brightness adjustment, can carry on the perspective.Can carry out conventional photography, organ procedures such as photography needs.
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