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Introduction of dedicated exposure hand switch for X-ray machine

The X-ray exposure hand switch is specially used for X-ray machines. It mainly controls X-ray exposure. The exposure hand switch can keep people away from the radiation of the X-ray machine, especially doctors and people who are exposed to X-rays for a long time. The radiation is reduced to a minimum, so that people who have been exposed to X-ray machines for a long time have a certain degree of protection. X-exposure hand switchs are mainly used in application X-ray machines, industrial X-ray machines and veterinary X-ray machines.

How to use the exposure brake? The exposure hand switch is a hand-held switch with a two-step grading switch, which is turned on when the button is pressed, and turned off when the button is released. Press the button to the first step to turn on gear I, and press all gears to turn on gear II. At this time, gear I remains in the on state. The hand switch is equipped with a fixed bracket. The service life of the exposure hand switch is also very long, the electrical service life can reach 300,000 times, and the mechanical service life is 1,000,000 times, so the service life of the exposure hand switch is very long.

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