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X-ray hand switch is mainly composed of a handle a base and a spring wire

Today, a client in the hospital wants to extend the cord of the X-ray hand switch. It is the hand switch on the mobile bedside machine. The customer means that the X-ray hand switch cord is too short and the radiation is too close to the bedside table. , I want to lengthen the X-ray hand brake switch line. Ask the customer whether they want to grow to a few meters, the customer refers to 100 meters. To be honest, X-ray hand switches have been sold for many years. This is the first time I have heard that the cable length is 100 meters. It’s not that we can’t do it, but if the cable is too long, the sensitivity of the hand switch will be poor. If the customer’s device is a mobile bedside device, the dose is relatively small. If the line is too long and far away from the console, operation is inconvenient. If you want to reduce the amount of radiation, doctors should wear radiation protection suits.

Do you know the structure of X-ray hand switch? From the outside, the X-ray hand switch is mainly composed of a handle, a base and a spring wire. Regarding the handle, there are L01 type for general household use, L04 type suitable for Europeans and Americans, and L06 type for dental use. There are holes in the base, but no holes. For 3m, 6m and 10m spring wire. If there are special requirements for the line length, the line can be extended after the spring line, but this does not mean that the line can be extended indefinitely.

Generally speaking, 3m, 6m and 12m X-ray manual switch lines are sufficient. In addition, our company specializes in the production of various vertical and mobile chest film racks, various types of X-ray machine parts and X-ray DR flat panel detectors. Welcome to call and negotiate!

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