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Introduction of the components of high voltage cable

Introduction of the components of high voltage cable

The high voltage cable connects the ball tube and the high voltage generator.
It mainly includes coaxial core wire, insulation layer, semiconductor layer, metal mesh and protective layer.

1) protection layer
The outer layer of the cable is made of soft plastic or black veil.
2) metal mesh layer
Use copper, steel and tin wire to braided and use earth to protect personal safety.
3) semiconductor layer
The outer surface of the rubber layer is similar to the rubber layer, which is similar to the rubber layer. It is black and soft and has a certain electrical function. It can provide the channel for the induction charge, eliminate the electric field between the outer surface of the rubber layer and the metal mesh layer, and avoid the aging of the marginal layer caused by the discharge between them because of the existence of air.
4) main insulating layer
It is used to isolate the high voltage between the core wire and the metal grounding grid.
5) core line
Generally, there are two concentric core wires for conveying anode current or filament heating current. The voltage between core wires is very low, so the insulation layer between concentric core wires is very thin.

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