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What is x ray hand switch and application?

X ray hand switch is designed for x ray equipment to control x ray exposure.

And x ray hand switch can help the doctor or operator far away x ray radiation and operate x ray equipment safely, easily and conveniently.

X ray hand switch is widely used on medical x ray machine, industrial x ray machine as well as vet x ray machine.

On medical x ray machine, it can be used on medical x ray generator, medical portable x ray unit, medical mobile x ray, medical bedside x ray, medical dental x ray, medical c-arm, medical radiology x ray machine, medical R&F x ray machine, medical diagnostic x ray machine, DR, UC-Arm x ray machine etc.

One industrial x ray machine, it can be used on industrial x-ray generator, industrial portable x-ray flaw detector, industrial console, industrial mobile x-ray detector, industrial x-ray pipeline crawler, industrial digital x-ray real-time image system, industrial x-ray diffraction instrument, industrial x-ray crystal orientation instrument, industrial radiation dose inspection instrument etc.

On vet x ray unit, it can be used on vet portable x ray unit, vet stationary x ray unit, vet DR unit etc.

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