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What kinds of X-ray manual switches are there

X Ray Hand Switch is divided into three types according to the buttons:

One button x ray hand switch, two buttons x ray hand switch and three buttons x ray hand switch.

Different buttons can be defined for different functions.

For example, one medical x ray equipment, x ray hand switches with one button controls exposure. It is used primarily on dental x ray unit.

Two buttons x ray hand switch, when the press first button, the x ray machine enters into exposure ready status, and then press the two buttons together, x ray machine finished exposure.

Three buttons x ray hand switches, it added another function than two buttons. That is, the third button can control x ray collimator lamp light or control image frozen.

The above types is only divided from the buttons. X ray hand switch also can be separated from the wire length, application and other fields.

Choose the proper hand switch, it needs to find out what is the detail product application.Therefore, hand switch application is the key factor for the option.

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