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Introduction to flat plate detector

Flat plate detector is the core part of DR.In X-ray photography, compared with ordinary X-ray images, digital X-ray images have higher resolution, wider grayscale and more information, which is helpful to improve the diagnostic accuracy. Digital Radiography, in DR, the conversion of X-ray into electrical signals is realized through a flat panel detector, so the characteristics of the flat panel detector will have a greater impact on the quality of DR image.
Plate detectors can be divided into two energy conversion modes: indirect conversion plate detectors and direct conversion plate detectors.
Introduction to flat plate detector
Two types of flat panel detector are applied in devices. Spatial resolution affects the resolution of images to details, and DQE affects the contrast of images. For devices requiring high image density and resolution, indirect conversion flat panel detectors, such as chest projection, should be used.
In the image spatial resolution requirements of higher equipment, it is appropriate to use a direct conversion flat detector, such as limbs, joints, breast projection.
Because the spatial resolution of breast image is very high, the breast DR machine can only use the direct conversion flat plate detector to achieve the requirements.
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