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Dental X-ray machine introduction

Dental X-ray machine is mainly used for the examination before the treatment in the oral outpatient clinic, the comparison of the effect in the treatment process, and the determination of the effect after treatment.It is an indispensable equipment in dental clinic.Recently, many customers have been interested in our dental X-ray machine. An American customer consulted the portable X-ray machine and was very satisfied with the quality and price of our product.
Newheek dental X-ray machine has clear and high efficiency, adopting international advanced technology. Low radiation, low leakage. With the touch of the button, the microcomputer control can quickly and accurately determine the exposure parameters.
Dental X- ay machine
Simple operation. Open chamber flushing, one minute imaging, immediately used for diagnosis, the maximum convenient one sound diagnosis. Pneumatic lifting seat, more convenient and comfortable.
Newheek dental X-ray machine is divided into several types, including portable, handheld and wall-mounted. Portable dental X-ray machine has the characteristics of small size, light weight, low radiation, extremely clear imaging, high efficiency, easy to carry out for home diagnosis and easy to place.
Our dental X-ray machine opportunity to meet your different purchasing needs.

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