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Where can the NKX-500 Medical Diagnostic X-Ray Machine be used?

NKX-500 Medical Diagnostic X-Ray Machine is mainly used on the chest, belly, stomach, intestine, bone and soft tissue fluoroscopy and radiography examination.

On Monday, November 18, 2018, Mr. Dermilto of Brazil sent an enquiry about NKX-500 Medical Diagnostic X-Ray Machine from Alibaba. I sent the information to the customer, the customer is very satisfied, and the price is in line with each other’s requirements.

Let me introduce you to the NKX-500 Medical Diagnostic X-Ray Machine. Medical Diagnostic X-Ray Machine


  1. X-Ray tube allows load and heat capacity management, which is controlled by micro computer and protect x-ray tube more safely.
  2. Faults self diagnostic function, it can judge the fault status faster and more accurate, it can make self protection and displays the fault code, which is convenient for maintenance.
  3. Million image pixels tv system, super large image storage quantity, which can connect with laser printer directly.
  4. It can make self set exposure parameter, rectify and storage according to patients shape and body position.
  5. Procedure function, which can provide 96 kinds of types control condition assemble, it also can make manual adjustment, easy and Convenient.

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