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Radiography 500ma X-Ray Machine

The 500mA Radiography X-ray Machine can be used by hospitals at all levels to carry out normal, normal and lateral photography, spot photography and high-kilovolt photography of the human head, chest, abdomen, lumbar vertebra, limb and other parts. It is a widely used radiological medical device.In the actual use process, vertical photographic frame can also be selected to make the application range wider, including the conventional head, chest, abdomen, pelvic cavity, spine and peripheral peripheral examination photography.
500ma-Radiography X Ray Machine
Many customers have recently been interested in our Radiography X-ray Machine. An Afghan X-ray engineer is very interested in our Radiography X-ray Machine.The quality of our Radiography X-ray Machine has been well received by our customers, and our price also meets their needs.
Newheek Radiography X-ray Machine has reliable performance and is suitable for X-ray fluoroscopy, dot photography, gastrointestinal photography, filter photography and chest photography in hospitals and scientific research institutions at all levels.
Our Radiography X-ray Machine can meet your different purchasing needs.

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