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Is X-ray radiation harmful to the human body?

Is X-ray radiation harmful to the human body? This is a wide-ranging issue, and it is also a concern of many hospital personnel. Today we will briefly talk about it.
Let’s talk about the conclusion first, under the current technology, the radiation of normal X-ray machine inspection will not cause substantial harm to the human body.
In fact, the damage of X-rays to the body is certain, but we need to know that when talking about damage, we should talk about dose. For example, we know that drinking alcohol is not good for the health, but if a normal person only drinks 1ml of liquor with an alcohol content of only 10 degrees in his life, I believe that it will not cause any harm to any normal person. The same is true for the damage of X-rays to the human body.
Therefore, when we ask the question of whether the radiation of the X-ray machine is harmful to the human body, we need to determine the intensity, dose, radiation time, radiation location and other conditions of the radiation first. However, the radiation dose and time of X-rays such as medical inspections and security inspections that we encounter in our daily life are far from the body’s ability to bear. So in daily life, everyone can rest assured.

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