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How many types of X-ray machines are there?

How many types of X-ray machines are there? Let’s talk briefly today.
The X-ray machine is relatively simple in principle. It uses the relevant characteristics of X-rays to perform object perspective and check the internal situation of the object.
According to different classification standards, there are also different types of X-ray machines.
According to whether it can be moved, X-ray machines can be simply divided into mobile and stationary X-ray machines. Generally, mobile X-ray machines are small in size, low in power, and have specific functions, and are relatively low in price. Fixed X-ray machines have relatively high power, comprehensive functions, and many shooting parts, but they are expensive.
In terms of function, there are medical X-ray machines, industrial X-ray machines and X-ray machines for security inspections. This type of X-ray machine is mainly used to distinguish the function of use, and it is not easy to distinguish in terms of price and power.
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