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What is the use of X photography plus grid?

What is the use of X photography plus grid? This is a question that many people will have in X photography, so what is the function of X photography plus grid? Let’s just talk a little bit today.
The grid is composed of lead strips that can absorb X-rays and materials that can transmit X-rays, arranged in a certain way.
There are many combinations and arrangements of wire grids. Today we will not talk about various arrangements. Today we will focus on the role of wire grids. We know that after X-rays penetrate the human body, the rays will become scattered, and there are lead bars that absorb X-rays on the grid, which are responsible for absorbing these scattered X-rays, and only allowing the rays in the normal direction to pass through.
Therefore, the grid can filter scattered rays and improve the clarity of the final image, which is the function of adding a grid in X-ray photography.

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