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L03 Hand Switch


Newheek L03 Hand Switch is hand-held switch which has two stepping-shifts and with fixed trestle. It is switch on when press the knob and swith off when loose the knob. Press knob to the fist step, the shift I is working, press knob completely, the shift II is working, and now the shift I is keeping connection.


Newheek L03 Hand Switch adopts mechanical pressing-shaft drive, and the switch assembly adopts “OMRON” microswitch, with longer working life and higher sensativity.


Newheek L03 Hand Switch is the electric control device, which is used for controlling of electrical signal on-off, photographic accessory and medical x-ray machine’s radiograph exposure.

4、Main Technological Parameters:

L03 hand switch

The mechanical serive life is 1,000,000 times, and the appliance life is 100,000 times

5、Standard Confirguration:

① Hand Switch: 1 Piece

② 3-meter with 3-core spring wire: 1 Piece

③ Certificate: 1 Copy

Optional Confirguration:

The spring wires can be optional assembled from 3-meter with 3-core, 3-meter with 4-core, 6-meter with 3-core, 6-meter with 4-core, 6-meter with 6-core, 10-meter with 3-core. And the spring wire length can be made accroding to the user requirement.

6、Detail Figure:

L03 Hand switch

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