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    Full body lead clothing

Lead Apron-Full body lead clothing

  • Brand Name: Newheek
    Product Name: Full body lead clothing
    Lead equivalent: 0.5 mmPB (customizable)
    Voltage value: 120KV
    Fabric: PU
    Core material: High quality light lead rubber
    Function: Thyroid protection, X-ray protection, and other radiation protection
    Color: Blue(customizable )
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1.Standard lead equivalent :0.35mmpb,0.5mmpb  or as your request
It is application to the protection from X-ray
High quality Natural Rubber and Yellow Lead. the internal has multi-layer new protective material.Lead is evenly distributed.Protective performance, and light and soft, not easy to break.The outer fabric is durable, soft, waterproof, 
antistatic, easy to clean and disinfect.

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