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    Lead gloves

Lead Gloves

  • Brand Name: Newheek
    Product Name: Lead Gloves
    Lead equivalent: 0.5 mmPB (customizable)
    Voltage value: 120KV
    Fabric: PU
    Core material: High quality light lead rubber
    Function: X-ray protection, and other radiation protection
    Color: Blue(customizable )
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Medical X-ray protection series products, referred to as X-ray protection series products, are made of natural rubber and yellow lead powder processed and wrapped with cloth. The lead equivalent of the protection series products is: 0.25mmpb, 0.35mmpb, 0.5mmpb. Lead gloves are one of the X-ray protection series.
X-ray protection mainly prevents X-rays from harming the body. X-ray protective clothing is generally designed for doctors and patients who undergo radiation diagnosis and treatment, and can shield X-ray scattered light. Users can choose protective devices according to actual conditions.
When conducting radiation diagnosis and treatment examinations, check whether the accessories of the X-ray protective clothing are complete and whether they meet the lead equivalent required before operating.
After the operation is completed, the X-ray protective clothing should be laid flat or hung with a lead hanger. It cannot be folded to avoid long-term folding and causing exposed lines.
If there are stains on the surface, rinse with low-concentration laundry detergent or a small amount of laundry powder, scrub with soft wool, then rinse with clean water, hang it in a ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight, stay away from heat sources, and do not put it together with chemicals such as acids and alkalis to extend its service life.
X-ray protection products have strict service life regulations and must be inspected regularly every 4-5 years. If one-third of cracks are found, they must be scrapped and replaced because they no longer meet the protection standards.

Lead glovesLead gloves

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