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Maintenance of DRX medical x-ray exposure switch

Recently, a customer called and asked about the maintenance of the DRX medical x-ray exposure switch. Today, I will share with you the basic knowledge about medical x-ray exposure switch maintenance and maintenance. The medical x-ray exposure switch, as the control component of the X-ray machine, is mainly used to control the exposure and preparation status of the equipment. It is directly related to the most important part of exposure, whether the tube and the various parts of the X-ray machine work normally. The medical x-ray exposure switch is divided into a mechanical part and an electrical part. Currently, mechanical parts can be maintained and maintained. For example, springs and mechanical contacts can be wiped and lubricated appropriately. To a large extent, it can reduce the wear of mechanical parts and increase the service life of the machine. At present, the DRX optical machine exposure hand switches produced by our company are all sealed, and no additional maintenance is required. Internal mechanical parts and contacts have been processed and are maintenance-free.
The mechanical life of the medical x-ray exposure switch produced by Newheek can be as high as 20w, and the electrical life is very long. Assuming that each device receives 50 patients per day, the maximum is 40w times. Each patient’s medical x-ray exposure switch is exposed for 2-4 times. The average daily medical x-ray exposure switch is 100-200 mechanically triggered, 200,000 times ÷ 200 times/day = the minimum mechanical life of each medical x-ray exposure switch 1000 days can be used for about 3 years.
If you need services such as repair and replacement of DRX medical x-ray exposure switch, please contact us.

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