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Manager K called us to inquire about the damage of high-voltage power supply

Recently, Manager K of Ningxia**Medical Technology Co., Ltd. called us to inquire about the damage of high-voltage power supply. The high-voltage power supply model on the customer’s side is VP-33457-D power supply. It is a problem of the high voltage power supply itself. And the E5764SD-P3 shadow increase used by the customer’s Puaixiao C is currently blurred and clear. This phenomenon is only a sudden. At present, the problem of the CCD has been ruled out. It is suspected that the power supply is faulty in VP-33457-D. The customer claims that Debugging G1, G2 image has not changed, debugging G3 image size has changed, G2 is mainly for debugging clarity, G1, G2 electrodes can be pulled out, use a multimeter to test the voltage of these two ports, if the voltage changes, the power supply is broken The probability of is small, it is generally the failure of the increase. If the voltage does not change, it is a power failure, and debugging G1 and G2 has no effect. Debugging G3 can only see that the three fields of view are switched between each other, and you can’t use this to judge whether the power supply is faulty. It can be seen from the above situation that there are two possible ways to blur the shadow image, one is the failure of the high voltage power supply, and the other is the failure of the shadow liner. After giving the customer response, it is suggested that the customer can mail the image intensifier to us for further inspection and confirmation. If you have similar maintenance problems, you can call us to consult, or mail your product to us for inspection and maintenance.

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