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The United States is unable to eradicate 400 years of racism in one fell swoop

According to the report, Obama delivered a speech at the City Hall on the 3rd, saying: “We have no ability to eradicate 400 years of racism in one fell swoop. Therefore, if someone thinks (protests) will make a huge change in the status quo, then I hope people will not I feel that once something changes, nothing will happen again.”
He added: “In the past 4 years, 5 years, 6 years, and 10 years, all of you are working hard to change the status quo, and we have also seen the results of the efforts.” Subsequently, Obama quoted Martin Luther King A famous saying: “The arc of the moral universe is very long, but it will bend towards justice.”
As the first African-American president in American history, Obama said in a statement on June 1 that the death of Freud “is not normal in the United States in 2020.” The continued outbreak of protests and demonstrations throughout the United States shows that the public is frustrated by the failed reforms of law enforcement and the judicial system over the past decades. He called on the public to vote for candidates who can bring about change in the November general election.


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