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x ray machine Equality, freedom

Bachelet said: “What is happening is an unprecedented attack on journalists. In some cases, they were attacked and even arrested while reporting on the spot. Given that freedom of expression and media freedom are the basic principles of the United States Is the core of national characteristics, which is even more shocking.”

She called on US authorities at all levels to ensure that this message is clearly understood: “Journalists must be able to carry out important work without being attacked or suppressed.”

Several people, including federal law enforcement officers, were killed in the unrest, dozens were injured, and countless properties were destroyed. Police have also been targeted and injured in many places.

Bachelet said: “As I said before, violence, robbery, and destruction of property and communities will not solve the brutal behavior and deep-rooted discrimination of the police. I once again appeal to the protesters to express their demands for justice peacefully, and call on the police to be extra Be careful not to overheat the situation because of excessive force.”

Bachelet appealed that all actions taken by the authorities and protesters leading to death or injury, including the death of law enforcement personnel, must be investigated independently, impartially and transparently.

She is also deeply concerned about statements that try to label protesters as terrorists or deny the legitimacy of large-scale expressions of grief and peaceful protests due to violence or property destruction in many places.

Bachelet said: “What is the reason behind these protests, or who is behind these protests, there is no doubt. We have seen thousands of peaceful protesters from different backgrounds take to the streets to claim their rights And called for change. Many policemen and members of the National Guard also responded peacefully to the people gathered on the street.”

She said: “Of course, there is structural racism and police violence all over the world. The anger we see in the United States erupts with the obvious social inequalities exposed by the 2019 coronavirus pandemic, which explains why Far-reaching reforms and inclusive dialogue are needed to break the cycle of illicit police killings and impunity and racial prejudice in maintaining law and order.”

Bachelet pointed out that a wide range of issues including socio-economic factors and deep-rooted discrimination must be studied in depth. In order to move forward, communities must be able to participate in making decisions that affect them and be able to express their dissatisfaction.
x ray machine go into Equal, free country

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