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x ray machine,consumers are paying more attention to the safety and quality of agricultural products

According to the official website of the Ministry of Commerce of China, since the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia, China’s production and living order have been affected to varying degrees, and the Ministry of Commerce’s Circulation Industry Promotion Center has launched an online investigation. The survey found that the epidemic has a certain impact on the consumption habits of agricultural products, purchase channels and product prices. With the effectiveness of the policy of guaranteeing supply and stabilizing prices, market prices have shown a trend of callback.
The survey shows that as residents’ awareness of epidemic prevention and control has increased, consumers are paying more attention to the safety and quality of agricultural products. Price is no longer the decisive factor, and sanitation and freshness have become the primary decision-making factors.

At the same time, according to the survey results, during the epidemic, the terminal retail channel structure has undergone significant changes. Supermarket consumption has not been greatly affected. The consumption of fresh e-commerce, community vegetable shops and community group purchases has surged, and consumption in the farmers market has declined significantly. Online enterprises have deployed offline channels, and online and offline channels have accelerated integration. Among them, consumption surged in the community community cluster, and the mode of unified procurement and distribution in the community was gradually popularized. The sales rate of community dishes in the various channels has the highest growth rate, and it has become an important channel after the supermarket, accounting for 41%, an increase of 19.2 percentage points compared with that before the epidemic. The proportion of fresh food e-commerce channel sales increased to 33.1%, an increase of 17.6 percentage points. From the perspective of consumer goods, e-commerce channel consumption covers all types of agricultural products, with more consumption of fruits, vegetables, grains and oils, followed by meat, poultry eggs and milk, and relatively less consumption of aquatic products.
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