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Some experts said that if the US aviation ban is implemented, it will cause harm to travel, trade and other exchanges between China and the United States.

Daniel Kliman, director of the Asia-Pacific security program at the Center for a New American Security, said that from the perspective of the Sino-US trade war and the US’s attempt to restrict technology sales, “we have China’s’decoupling’.”

“This is a momentum that has been accumulating and accelerating.”

He said that the breakdown of relations between China and the United States is already happening.

In recent weeks, China has gradually eased aviation restrictions in some countries, but it does not include the United States.

China Airlines currently maintains a small number of flights between China and the United States. These flights are usually hard to find and expensive. The economy class fare from the United States to China was once as high as 30,000 yuan, and the flight may be cancelled suddenly before taking off. A large number of Chinese people stranded in the United States cannot return to China, including tens of thousands of Chinese students.

If the United States imposes a no-fly order, all direct flights between China and the United States will be grounded, which will make matters worse.

Kliman said that China and the United States still have the opportunity to resolve this issue before June 16, and once the US ban is officially implemented, it will be more difficult to withdraw.

The US China Business Council, which represents 200 large American businesses in China, said: “Commercial flights provide a vital bridge between the United States and China. Before the global pandemic, hundreds of Thousands of passengers cross Chongyang to do business, vacation, study and most importantly know each other through personal experience.”

“In times of conflict, suspicion, and misunderstanding, this type of travel is particularly important. We call on the two governments to allow each other’s flights to take off again.”

On Chinese social media Weibo, some netizens said the move “harms others and harms others”, harms the interests of both peoples, and makes Chinese students “hostages.” There are also comments that this will help China continue to control the epidemic. “The suspension will be suspended. It will not wait until the United States has contained the new crown epidemic before discussing its reciprocity.
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