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Peaceful development of x ray machine

With increasing conflicts between the United States and China, China simply cannot accept Trump’s proposal. Moreover, China has always opposed the involvement of third countries in bilateral conflicts.

Analysts believe that Trump may have anticipated this point. But from a diplomatic point of view, if India agrees and China unilaterally opposes, it may confirm public criticism of China’s “War Wolf Diplomacy”.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China stated that both China and India have the ability to properly resolve the issues between the two countries through dialogue and consultation without the need for third-party intervention.

A spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized that China has always seriously implemented the important consensus reached by the leaders of the two countries on the border issue, strictly abided by the relevant agreements signed by the two countries, and is committed to safeguarding the national sovereignty and security of the country and maintaining peace and security in the border area between China and India. stable.

At present, the Chinese and Indian armed forces have started a dialogue at the rank of lieutenant general. Both China and India stated that the overall situation in the border area is stable and controllable, and the diplomatic and military communication channels between China and India on the border issue are unblocked. It is believed that the two sides can properly resolve the problems between the two countries through negotiation and negotiation.

If we want to find out the lessons of third-party intervention in the dispute between the two countries in the history of China, it may remind people of the stories of the three countries. If Cao Cao wants to mediate the dispute between Liu Bei and Sun Quan in Jingzhou, will Wu Guo and Shu Parliament agree?
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