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Manual Collimator NK103

Manual Collimator NK103

1, Manual collimator NK103 Specification  

Applicable maximum voltage           90KV

Maximum irradiation field        430mmx430mm (SID = 90cm)

Light field average brightness    > 100lux

According to scale                > 3: 1

Light bulb                       12V / 50W

Light light a single light time   30S

Focus – Mounting surface distance (adjustable on request)   40

Inherent filtration              (75kV) 1mmAL

Blade drive mode                  Manual

Blade drive motor                 No

Motor control mode                None

Light field size detection        None

Input power                       AC12V / DC12V

SID measurement tape              Standard

Center Laser Indication           None

Dimensions (WLH) mm               158 / x138x83

Weight (Kg, without cable)        2.6

Light field size indicator        Knob pointer scale

2,  Details 

NK103 Collimator

NK103 Collimator

NK103 Collimator

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