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Manual Collimator NK202

Manual Collimator NK202

1, Manual collimator NK202 Specification  

Applicable maximum voltage           150KV

Maximum irradiation field        440mmx440mm (SID=100cm)

Light field average brightness    >160lux

According to scale                > 4: 1

Light bulb                       24V / 150W

Light light a single light time   30S

Focus – Mounting surface distance (adjustable on request)   60

Inherent filtration(75kV)         1mmAL

Blade drive mode                  Manual

Blade drive motor                 No

Motor control mode                None

Light field size detection        None

Input power                       AC24V / DC24V

SID measurement tape              Standard

Center Laser Indication           None

Dimensions (WLH) mm               185x198x145

Weight (Kg, without cable)        6.8

Light field size indicator        Knob pointer scale

2,  Details 

NK202 Collimator

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