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Manufacturer of medical electric bucky stand

The chest X-ray  bucky stand is suitable for photographing the head, chest, abdomen and pelvic lamp parts of the human body. It is mainly composed of upright column, carriage, film cassette and balance device, but it is equipped with DR flat panel detectors of various sizes, CR IP boards and ordinary film cassettes. The electric chest X-ray frame is added with an electric device, which realizes the adjustment of the up and down movement of the film box through the remote control device to achieve precise positioning, and a movable base can also be added, which can be flexibly moved to the required position according to the needs of medical institutions.
Weifang Newheek Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is currently focusing on the chest radiograph frame, which is mainly divided into mobile chest radiograph frame, vertical chest radiograph frame, DR chest radiograph frame, electric chest radiograph frame and simple chest radiograph frame. Our company not only has chest radiographs, but also produces radiographs, which are mainly divided into mobile radiographs, vertical radiographs, electric radiographs, DR radiographs, etc. There are many bucky stand radiographs products. , and can also be recommended according to the different needs of customers.


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