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Personal clinic using X-ray machine

X-ray machines are generally equipped in general outpatient clinics, community hospitals, and orthopedic clinics, and it is very important for community hospitals or orthopedic clinics to have a suitable X-ray machine.
The purchase of medical equipment is very strict and requires a lot of testing. Of course, individual clinics are no exception, and individual clinics need to purchase an X-ray machine. What documents or departments do they need to apply for?
First of all, to apply for a radiology diagnosis and treatment license, you need a radiological license from the health department, and you need a “Medical Institution Practicing License” or “Approval for the Establishment of a Medical Institution” to go to the Health Bureau. The specific data has detailed information in the health approval department, you can go to the Health Bureau If you ask for it, it can also be measured by the sanitation department and reported to the health department for approval; the “Application Form for Medical Device Business License” is required; 2. The original and duplicate copies of the “Business License” with the official seal; 3. The legal representative and the person in charge of the enterprise , Valid identity certificate of the person in charge of quality; 4. Description of organization and department setup; 5. Description of business mode and business scope.
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