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What is the biggest advantage of a digital DR system

With the continuous improvement of medical level, the application of DR has become more and more extensive, and it has been popularized in major hospitals and small clinics across the country. So, what makes DR so popular? Today, let’s discuss it with me.
DR can be so popular, it must be because of its advanced technology, which is inseparable from our economic development and medical level. In my opinion, the biggest advantage of digital DR system is simple operation, clear imaging and high imaging efficiency. Each flat panel detector contains image workstation software, which needs to be installed on the computer, and then the image can be viewed on the computer. The working mode of the digital DR system is that the X-ray machine emits rays, penetrates the photographed part, hits the flat panel detector, presses the exposure button, and the image can be imaged on the computer in 3 seconds, and high-definition images can be obtained. If you need to print film, just connect to the printer. You do not need to develop the film yourself, so DR imaging is more efficient and, most importantly, clearer than the previous processing methods.
Because of the advantages of DR, many small clinics, even small clinics in rural areas, have plans to upgrade DR. I believe that the future of DR will be bright.

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