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Material introduction of mobile x ray table

The mobile x ray table is an important part of the X-ray machine. Newheek is an expert in the production of X-ray machines and spare parts. Our x ray tables are divided into many types and models. Divided into human and pet mobile x ray tables. Subdivided into fixed type, mobile type and four-way floating type.

The bed surface material of Newheek mobile x ray table is divided into three materials: density board, plexiglass and carbon fiber. You can choose the right material according to your needs. And the price of mobile x ray tables of different materials is different.

Because the use of carbon fiber composite materials to make X-ray radiation medical table panels has many advantages such as high imaging quality, high strength, strong fatigue resistance, and light weight, the material itself has good X-ray permeability, which can effectively reduce the radiation caused to patients. harm.

The panel with high uniformity and minimal impurities is a good help for the transmission of X-rays, making the image clearer, so that the doctor can make accurate judgments based on the image.

Newheek mobile x ray table can meet your different purchasing needs.Please contact us via email if you have any need.

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