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DR type bucky stand

An inquiry was received from a Guangxi customer inquiring about the mobile bucky stand. He asked if the customer had specific parameters and replied that he wanted the size of the 14*17 cassette.When asked what kind of machine it should be used with, the answer was that it should be used with moving DR, so we recommended a DR special camera holder to the customer.The model of our DR special camera holder is NKDRSG and the optional removable base is NKDRSY.The client in Guangxi wants a mobile bucky stand, so the model recommended to the client is NKDRSY.

The NKDRSY (NKDRSG) bucky stand is suitable for the examination of the head, chest, abdomen, pelvis and other parts of the human body. It consists of a column, a slide stand, a film box and a balancing device. It can be adapted to DR plate detector of all inches, CR IP plate and the cassette of ordinary film.

Main technical parameters:

1. The maximum stroke of the film box moving up and down is 1100mm;

2. Slot width is suitable for boards with thickness ≤35mm;

3. The left and right and up and down deviation between the DR plate detector center and the plate box center should not be more than ±5mm

4. Within the range of travel, the left and right deviation of the box center should not be greater than ±5mm

5. The size of DR flat panel detector, CR IP board and cassette:

The size of DR flat panel detector, CR IP board and cassette is 5 “×7” -17 “×17”

The maximum size that the upper and lower clip can hold is 495mm, the left and right width is not limited.

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