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Simple bucky stand

Last month, a Bolivian customer inquired about the mobile vertical camera stand and asked if the customer had any requirements. He replied that he only needed the simplest structure of the camera stand, so he recommended the wall mounted camera stand with a mobile base to the customer.

The simple bucky is mainly composed of a bracket, a slide track and a film box.

Main technical parameters:

1. The maximum stroke of the film box moving up and down is 1100mm;

2. Slot width is suitable for boards with thickness ≤35mm;

3. The left and right and up and down deviation between the DR plate detector center and the plate box center should not be more than ±5mm

4. Within the range of travel, the left and right deviation of the box center should not be greater than ±5mm

5. The size of DR flat panel detector, CR IP board and cassette:

The size of DR flat panel detector, CR IP board and cassette is 5 “×7” -17 “×17”

The maximum size that the upper and lower clip can hold is 495mm, the left and right width is not limited.


The installation and operation of the camera stand should be noted as follows:

1. During installation, make sure that the fitting degree between the vertical center of the casing and the ball tube is consistent; otherwise, there will be light on one side and darkness on the other;

2. Ensure that the convergence distance is around 180cm to maintain the clarity of the film;

3. Pay attention to the selection of filming conditions (kV and mA).

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