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Medical 200mA x-ray Machine

Main Features:

    1. Single table with single bulb
    2. High visual and operational Console with tube voltage,tube current, and photograph time display on the LCD monitor.
    3. Prestored 8 kinds of radiography parameters and select, modify, store the parameters under condition of choice
    4. Auto power and voltage control, kv continuous adjustable, auto Fault Alarm
    5. Premier high voltage with high power SCR zero control circuit
    6. X-ray subassemblies is equipped with Tangential-pipe kits
    7. Radiography, column, mobile X-ray grid and x ray collimator equipment without necessity of up-and-down tunnel.
    8. Radiography table can be moved both laterally and vibrally Column can turn 4*90°.
    9. Function of load chains, exposure time control, start and stop rotating anode, Preheat filament, subassemblies temperature control, and so on.


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