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Medical double column X-ray machine—-A fixed machine with customizable power

When many customers inquire about products, they often say that they want a fixed X-ray equipment with high cost performance, convenient operation and clear imaging, but they don’t know how to choose. Today, I recommend a medical fixed X-ray equipment——Double column X-ray machine(A fixed X-ray machine with customizable power). And what are the main components of the double-column X-ray machine?
The medical diagnostic double-column X-ray machine is mainly composed of a high-frequency high-voltage generator, a ball tube, a light beam device, a high-voltage cable, a linkage bucky stand, and a fixed x ray bed. It can be equipped with a flat-panel detector and a computer to upgrade to DR equipment.
It mainly has the following characteristics:
1. Microcomputer control, designed a simple and easy-to-operate LCD screen.
2. Using high-frequency and high-voltage generating device, the imaging is clear.
3. The exposure conditions are stable and accurate, reducing the radiation dose while reducing the generation of soft rays, effectively protecting patients and doctors.
4. Exposure parameters can be set according to the size of the patient.
5. The new double-column type setting adopts linkage device, which is convenient for operation.
6. Fault self-diagnosis and self-protection.
7. Using digital flat panel detector, the performance is more stable.
The medical diagnostic double-column X-ray machine is a good choice as a fixed X-ray machine. Weifang Newheek Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. is an import and export trading company that produces X-ray machines and accessories. Welcome to consult. Whatsapp:+86 18953679166. Email:

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