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Safe distance from bedside X-ray machine

The bedside X-ray machine refers to a movable X-ray machine that is placed next to the patient’s bed for filming. His composition generally includes an X-ray machine that can emit rays, and an imaging system that can image images. Its advantage is that it can irradiate patients at the bedside without moving them, which greatly facilitates the diagnosis of critically ill special patients. The imaging method is basically digital DR imaging. The digital imaging system includes a flat-panel detector, medical workstation software, and a computer. After filming, the image can be displayed on the computer immediately, and the operation is very simple and convenient.
The X-ray machine next to the bed will emit X-rays during use, and appropriate safety protection measures need to be taken. First, the first ward should preferably be a single room with safety protection. The second photographer needs to wear protective clothing. The other parts of the patient should also be properly protected. If the doctor uses the wireless exposure method for remote operation, the reasonable shooting distance is generally not more than 5 meters.
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