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What is the x-ray receiver of an x-ray machine

When we consult and purchase X-ray machines, we will come into contact with a word: DR digital flat panel detector. What the hell is this? Why are more and more people mentioning DR digital flat panel detectors?
DR digital flat panel detector is the imaging system of X-ray machine. Before the advent of DR digital flat-panel detectors, we used developed film instead. At that time, we needed to go to a dark room after taking the film, and develop the film for the doctor to diagnose. The imaging process is more complicated and time-consuming, and if the film is scrapped, the previous steps need to be repeated. Later, with the film processor, the steps were much simpler, and then CR appeared, and the era of computer imaging came.
DR digital flat panel detector is the product of the development of computer and modern medical technology. It works on the principle of photoelectricity, and finally presents the image on the computer through software. Imaging is convenient and fast, and has become the main way of medical imaging.
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