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The vehicle-mounted X-ray examination vehicle is a medical examination car equipped with X-ray examination equipment. X-ray equipment generally consists of X-ray machine and DR imaging system. The basic components of the X-ray machine include tube assembly, beamer, high-voltage generator, console, etc. The DR imaging system includes two parts, a flat panel detector and a digital workstation. Vehicle-mounted DR is dedicated to special vehicles such as medical examination vehicles and medical vehicles. It is more convenient than department DR, and has a very good anti-seismic effect. Customized vehicle-mounted DR on the medical examination vehicle can efficiently complete radiological examination projects. When medical vehicle manufacturers are producing DR vehicles, considering that the power of on-board DR is slightly smaller than that of department DR, the radiation X dose is much lower, so when producing DR medical examination vehicles, lead protection rooms will be established, and the DR lead protection rooms will be installed in medical examination vehicles. The center is to extend the service life of the medical examination car and make the mobile medical examination vehicle safer during driving.
The vehicle-mounted DR produced by Shandong Huarui Imaging Equipment Co., Ltd. can fully meet the needs of customers.


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