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What machine is used for dental imaging

The equipment for taking pictures of teeth is a dental X-ray machine. Our dental X-ray machines mainly include portable, wall-mounted and vertical types, of which portable and vertical are the most sold. .
The main features of portable dental X-ray machines are:
1. Small size, light weight, clear image, no radiation:
2. Reliable quality, complete functions and simple operation;
3, AC, DC, AC and DC dual-use; remote control, manual switch control can be.
4. The charger is suitable for the power supply of various countries. .
The main features of the vertical dental X-ray machine are:
1. The image is clear, high efficiency, using international advanced technology.
2. Low radiation, the amount of radiation leakage is only 1% of the national regulations.
3. Touch the button, microcomputer control, just one button can quickly and accurately determine the exposure parameters.
4. Simple operation.
5. Washing in the bright room, imaging in one minute, immediately used for diagnosis, which is convenient for doctors to diagnose to the greatest extent.
6. Pneumatic liftable seat, more convenient and comfortable.
7. It can be used for oral digital imaging system.


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