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Pet medical DR equipment manufacturers

Pet DR refers to a new technology that directly performs digital X-ray photography under computer control, that is, an amorphous silicon flat panel detector is used to convert the X-ray information that penetrates the pet into digital signals, and the computer reconstructs the image and performs a series of Image post-processing. The pet DR system mainly includes X-ray generator, direct conversion flat panel detector, system controller, image monitor, image processing workstation and other parts.
Our company is a manufacturer of pet medical DR equipment. The pet medical DR equipment has the following advantages:
The pet DR imaging speed is fast, the acquisition time is less than 10ms, and the imaging time is only 3 seconds.
Pet DR has high spatial resolution and low noise rate, so high-definition images can be obtained.
Digital images can be post-processed. Image post-processing is the biggest feature of digital images.
Pet DR has a low radiation dose, which is only 1/53.3 of the X-ray dose of ordinary screen combined X-ray pictures.


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