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(1) For X-ray photography in hospital wards and emergency rooms.

(2) Combined X-ray generator.

(3) Single focus, full wave rectification.

(4) Single-chip control, easy maintenance.

(5) LCD display, automatic fault alarm.

(6) Remote control exposure device.

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technical parameter
power supply:
Voltage: 180-240V (single phase)
Frequency: 50Hz
Current: 25A (instantaneous)
Power line internal resistance: ≤ 1 ohm
maximum rated capacity
90kvp, 50mA, 2s
90kvp, 30mA, 6.2s
kvp, 40-90kvp adjustable in 10 gears
Mas: 4-180mAs adjustable in 16 gears
Nominal electric power: 3.3Kw
X-ray tube specification: XD3-3. 5/100 fixed anode, single focus 2.6mm
Focus to ground distance: 502mm- 2010mm
Machine size (L*W*H) (mm): 1390*4850*1620
Weight (kg)
Net Weight: 112 Gross Weight: 178

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