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Mexico customer consulting X-ray machine

Today, a Mexican customer saw the X-ray machine on Aliwangwang and contacted us. First, X-ray machines are divided into medical X-ray machines and industrial X-ray machines; secondly, medical X-ray machines are divided into mobile X-ray machines and stationary X-ray machines; finally, mobile X-ray machines also include portable X-ray machines machine. Mobile and portable X-ray machines are generally 100mA and are usually used to take relatively thin body parts such as limbs and chest X-rays. If you want to take pictures of the lumbar spine, you must choose a fixed X-ray machine, which can not only take pictures of the lumbar vertebrae, but also all parts of the body. Our X-ray machines come in a variety of styles, there is always one to suit your needs! Customers are a little more interested in our portable X-ray machines.
If you also want to buy an X-ray machine, please contact us, our phone number is +8617616362243!

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