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Mobile diagnostic X-ray Machine – Small C

The C-arm is also called the C-arm. As the name implies, the device consists of a C-frame, a ball tube for generating X-rays, an image intensifier and A CCD camera for collecting images, and a workstation for image processing.It is mainly used in various operations such as fluoroscopy, dot film and so on.In addition, it is also different from other X-ray equipment, such as :U arm, G arm, etc.

C-arm is divided into three types: small C, medium C and large C.Today’s introduction is a small C film machine.

Small C is also called C arm, small C arm, small C arm, orthopedic C arm, etc., mainly used for:

1. Orthopedics: whole bone, reduction and nail.

2. Surgery: Foreign body removal, cardiac catheterization, pacemaker implantation, partial interventional therapy, partial contrast imaging and local photography.3. Others: pain treatment with ozone machine, small needle knife treatment, gynecological tubal guided surgery, etc.The penetration rate of this type of product is very high in hospitals, basically secondary hospitals have been equipped.

Main application objects:

1. Examination of head and neck vascular system: it can provide diagnostic basis for brain space occupying lesions, arteriovenous malformations, cerebral vascular occlusion, carotid artery stenosis, occlusion, atherosclerosis and ulcer, etc.

2. Examination of thoracic vascular system :DSA is quite satisfactory for the display of heart and great vessels, which is used for the diagnosis of congenital heart disease, valvular disease, cardiomyopathy and coronary heart disease.

3. Examination of abdominal vascular system: used for angiography of stomach, intestines, liver, spleen, pelvis, etc.

4. Examination of the vascular system of the extremities: it can diagnose the stenosis, occlusion, bleeding, aneurysm, arterial malformation, etc.

5. Application in interventional radiology: as the most ideal interventional radiology technology, it is widely used in percutaneous transluminal angioplasty, transcatheter drug infusion, transcatheter embolization and other interventional radiology therapy.

Advantages of NEWHEEK Small C-arm:

1. High frequency and high voltage generator is configured to improve image quality while reducing radiation dose

2. Excellent performance-to-price ratio makes it an ideal choice for medical units

3. Equipped with IBS, enhanced fluoroscopy, and adapted to different clinical needs

4. Megapixel camera provides higher image definition

5. Recursive noise reduction, Gamma correction, image enhancement, final frame holding, positive and negative display, up and down, left and right, 360° rotation at any Angle

6. Store patient data and information, and print graphic reports.


Main technical parameters


Power supply Single phase AC 220 V±22 V,50HzV±60 Hz, Allow maximum internal resistance ≤0.5


Perspective Patterns and Conditions Manual perspective: tube voltage :40~110 kV (1/ file); tube current :0.3~5.0 mA (0.1/ file);
Photographic Patterns and Conditions Tube voltage :40~110 kV


Tube current :31~70 mA


Exposure time :0.04~3.2 s

High frequency high voltage generator Frequency of operation :40 kHz


Top management voltage: kV 110


Executive current :70 mA

X ray tube Model: XDT-A110


Small focus :0.6×0.6(mm2), large focus :1.5×1.5(mm2)

  Up and down C arm: mm 400


C arm horizontal range :200 mm


C arm rotation range around horizontal axis :°±180


Slide range of C arms along track :-20°~90°


C arm swing angle :°12.5

Distance X ray tube focus to image intensifier receiving surface




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