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The characteristics of the high frequency machine

In recent years, science and technology have developed rapidly, and the medical device market has also undergone major changes. Traditional medical equipment is gradually being replaced by new high-end products. The DC inverter technology is introduced into the X-ray machine to increase the working power of the high-voltage generator from industrial frequency (50Hz or 60Hz) to high frequency. X-ray machines using this technology are called high-frequency X-ray machines.

The characteristics of the high frequency machine are as follows:

1. The patient’s skin dose is low

2. High imaging quality

3. High output power

4. Real-time control

5. The high-voltage transformer is small in size and light in weight

6. Can achieve ultra-short time exposure

7. Easy to become smart.

In contrast, high-frequency X-ray machines have many advantages. In recent years, high-frequency X-ray machines have become the first choice for all types of customers, so choosing a high-frequency machine is a wise choice. Weifang Newheek specializes in the production of X-ray equipment, such as high-frequency X-ray machines and DR X-ray machines. If necessary, please contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly!



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