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Recently, an agent called to consult medical x ray table. After the customer added WeChat, the purchase list sent was that 1 simple medical x ray table, 2 lead screens, width greater than or equal to 1.2m, 3 sets of protective equipment for doctors, lead 1 hanger, tell us that our company is mainly for X-ray machines and accessories, we have a simple medical x ray table, tell me that there are two types of simple medical x ray table, both of which are mobile, and a simple under-bed belt Film cart, a simple bed without a film cart. The customer said that the user purchased a simple medical x ray table, which is used for mobile DR with flat panel detectors. The parameters of the flat panel detectors are as follows: Cesium iodide wireless movable flat panel detection Detector, 35 x 43 cm (14 x 17″) area 34.48 x 42.12 cm (13.6 x 16.6″), tell this kind of board can use our medical x ray table, ask the thickness of the flat panel detector, the customer said 2.5CM. Normal. Our simple film cart can hold a flat plate within 2CM, if the user’s 2.5CM, we need to replace it again.
The final customer confirms that they want NKPⅢA1 medical x ray table, the bed surface is made of transparent acrylic plate, the bed is equipped with a 35*43*2.5cm flatbed, and the cassette slot needs to be replaced with a simple medical x ray table larger than 2.5cm. Make a contract to the customer, and the customer will pay on the same day. The simple medical x ray table will arrange the delivery the next day.
Today’s sharing is here. Our products mainly include X-ray image intensifier, x ray bucky stand, x ray hand switch, collimator, high voltage cable, high voltage power supply, medical x ray table, etc. If you have similar needs, please send your request directly to my email:, we will contact you as soon as we receive the information.

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