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The role of pet X-ray machine

An X-ray machine for pets, as the name suggests, is an X-ray machine for pets. X-ray machines for pets are usually composed of generators, bulbs, microcomputer control, photographic beds, beam limiters and other components. Recently, I received an inquiry from a client in Tianjin, who opened a pet clinic and needed a pet X-ray machine.
Shandong Huarui’s pet X-ray machines are widely used in pet animal clinics, mainly having the advantages of small footprint, low radiation, and low power requirements.
The bed panel of the pet X-ray machine is exclusively for animals, and it is easy to install DR detectors and grids. The electromagnetic floating bed surface can be adjusted to the best shooting position without moving the pet.
The pet X-ray machine adopts manual control and remote control dual control mode for exposure. The wireless exposure mode can be far away from the radiation source, which is easy to operate and can better protect the staff.
The pet X-ray machine adopts high frequency inverter technology, with good radiation quality, low skin dose, good image clarity and contrast, stable and reliable.
Newheek’s pet X-ray machine can meet your needs for pet photography. If you want to know more about this machine, please send an email to:

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