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NK17SG Vertical Bucky Stand

Product Features

NK17SGis a floor-to-wall mounted vertical receptor, which offers solutions for all the diagnostic imaging needs of hospitals, clinics and private practices. It offers max stability and effort-less movement.

NK17SG is suited for thorax, spine, abdomen and pelvic exposure. The extended vertical travel track allows for skull examination of tall patients as well as lower extremity exposure. The vertical movement is locked by the mechanical brake handle.

It mainly consists of column, sliding rail, radiography film container and balancing device four parts. 


Radiology Film Container Max Travel: 1100mm;

Max X Ray Radiology Film Size: 36cmx43cm (14”x17”)

Grid (Option):

Grid Density: 40 lines/ cm; Grid Ratio: 10:1; Focusing Distance: 180cm.


1.Open the radiology film container door, put the cassette into the film jacket, push it downward to fix the cassette into the container, and then let go, the cassette automatically fix hardly.

2.Close the container door.

3.Select the radiology conditions to adjust the proper height of the radiology film container according to the body part. The make radiology.

Installation Attentions

1.It must keep the radiology film container vertical center is coinciding with the x ray tube, otherwise, it occurs one side bright and the other side dark phenomenon.

2.It must keep the convergence distance of 180cm above, which can ensure the radiology definition.

3.Pay attention on the radiology conditions (kV, mA) selection.

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