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Operation specification of portable X-ray machine

The portable X-ray machine is mainly used for radiological examination of the limbs and chest of the human body. It is a portable device for X-ray examination and diagnosis in the wards, radiology, orthopedics, physical examination, and emergency rooms of medical units. It is also favored by hospital staff because of its small, beautiful, flexible and convenient movement.
So for the daily use of the portable X-ray machine, what matters should the operator pay attention to?
Before starting each time, check whether the power supply used by the device is normal,
According to conventional procedures, select suitable conditions and carry out normal exposure operation; the tube current, tube voltage, and exposure time of the X-ray tube must be selected within the specified range. Moving parts such as the photographic flat bed and the grid must be securely fixed before operation can be carried out. When adjusting various switches or knobs, pay attention to observe whether the indicated value of the meter is within the specified range; after using the portable X-ray machine, turn off the power in time; wipe the equipment frequently to keep the equipment clean;
The maintenance of portable X-ray machines is one of the most important links in the use of equipment. Only by completing this work carefully can we make better use of the equipment.
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