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Product introduction C-arm X-ray machine

The C-arm X-ray machine is widely used in comprehensive treatments such as surgery, interventional, general orthopedics, spine surgery, abdominal surgery, trauma, intervertebral discography, pain, and operating rooms.
Product features of C-arm X-ray machine
1. The C-arm X-ray machine uses an ultra-high frequency 100KHz high-voltage generator. The greater the power, the better the image signal-to-noise ratio, especially when the lumbar spine is thicker. The difference is obvious; the 100KHz UHF machine is more efficient than 40KHz. The radiation is smaller. The higher-power high-voltage generator is suitable for imaging the high-density tissue of obese patients, and the arena with higher heat capacity can meet the needs of long-term and large-scale operations.
2. The laser positioning of the C-arm X-ray machine can accurately determine the projected position during the operation and reduce the number of exposures. Intelligent exposure control realizes ultra-low radiation dose.
3. The C-arm X-ray machine is an imported brand image intensifier, with rich layers, stable performance, full digital CCD camera, and direct digital imaging. Image resolution ≥22 line pairs/cm.
4. Computer workstation: dedicated host, 23-inch wide viewing angle LCD monitor. High-resolution dual medical LCD monitors greatly improve the image effect.
5. The good image quality of the C-arm X-ray machine benefits from the good cooperation of the components of the entire X-ray image chain (high voltage generator, camera, image processing software).
6. Fully balanced design, all positions of the C-shaped arm movement can be completely balanced, easy to operate and safer to use.
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