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Pet clinic to consult veterinary DR machine

The doctor of the pet clinic came to consult the veterinary DR machine. The client has just opened a pet clinic, and the main objects of diagnosis and treatment are small animals such as cats and dogs. I saw that we have a veterinary DR machine on the website, and I would like to consult the specific parameters and quotation.
According to customer requirements, I recommend a 100ma portable X-ray machine with a pet bed to form a veterinary DR machine. This portable X-ray machine has a maximum power of 5KW, which is more suitable for shooting small animals. The bed surface of the pet bed is a four-way floating type, which can be electromagnetically controlled by a foot switch. It is a veterinary bed specially designed for pets. With a DR system, you can view images on the computer. The cost of the whole set of equipment is also more appropriate. The customer feels that this veterinary DR machine is more suitable, but can’t make a decision immediately, so it needs to consider comprehensively before replying.

veterinary DR machine

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