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Pet X-ray machine installation requirements

Many pet clinics are consulting about X-ray machines. They often ask us whether there are specific requirements for the room where the equipment is installed before purchasing a set of pet X-ray equipment. Let me take you to find out today.
1. In general, it is recommended to have a separate computer room for pet x-ray machines, and only one machine can be placed in one computer room. Now, when many foreign pet clinics install X-ray photography equipment, they basically install the X-ray machine next to the treatment room. Doing so can greatly facilitate diagnosis and treatment and improve work efficiency. However, our country currently does not allow this in terms of policy, so we can only set up a separate x-ray photography room in the pet clinic, and the x-ray machine room should not be placed in the examination and diagnosis room.
2. The setting of the x-ray machine room must fully consider the safety of the surrounding environment. Generally, it should be located at one end of the building to reduce the impact of rays on the pet clinic and other areas. Similarly, the x-ray machine room should be located in an area with less traffic in the clinic.
3. The machine room should have enough usable area to ensure that the distance between the operator and the machine is not less than 2m. Considering the actual situation of the pet clinic, the usable area of the computer room of the pet clinic shall not be less than 10 square meters, and the ceiling height shall not be less than 2.6m
4. Design of protective barriers in the computer room The wall facing the effective wiring harness in the camera room should have a protective thickness of 2mm lead equivalent, and other side walls should have a protective thickness of 1mm lead equivalent. If the clinic is located in a single-storey building, it is sufficient to have cement on the ceiling and floor, otherwise it should be considered to lay 1mm thick lead plates on the floor and ceiling to prevent radiation leakage. When decorating the computer room, first put wooden grilles on the surrounding walls, cover them with lead plates, and paste gypsum boards on the surface and paint them.
5. Precautions for lead plate decoration The joints between lead plates and lead plates should overlap, and the overlapping width should not be <2cm; the joints between lead plates and walls should also overlap. Nail and screw penetrations through the barrier must be covered to provide the same protection as an unperforated barrier.
Of course, in addition to considering the installation and adjustment of the X-ray machine when choosing an X-ray machine, for the X-ray machine, we also need to choose pet equipment with the same power and low radiation dose.
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